Updates for Feb 10, 2018

There were several updates and additions in this release.

Adjustment to Appointment Request

The process of accepting appointment requests has been tremendously streamlined.  A training video has been created and can be found here.

Tardy Report

A new report is available under the Analysis page. It's found under the Attendance section and is labeled Tardy Students.  This lists students that were marked as tardy for the provided date range.

Adjustment to Staff Blocked Dates Report

Previously, this report could only be run for a single staffer at a time.  It can now be run for a single staffer or for all staffers.

Mass Update for Student Password

An admin can give all students the same password.  Go to Settings, Manage Students and click the Advanced button.

Filter Reports by Period

All reports can now be filtered by school period.

Taking Attendance Displays # of Students

When taking attendance, the number of students is displayed at the top of each attendance list.

Staff Capacity Report

The Staff Capacity and Usage Report has been modified to include more data.  The report breaks out the number of homeroom vs. subject matter appointments on the same line, making it easier to understand.

Audit History

We are now tracking all changes that take place to the data.  This will help us to better track down any issues that might occur.


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