Here is a list of features that will be released for January 2nd, 2017.

New Training Videos

Along with training videos for the new features below, there is now a training video for the Admin feature, Export Appointments.

Admins Can Export Report Data

When an admin clicks the Analysis link, and runs a report, they currently have the option to Print the report or save the report as a PDF.  Admins now also have the option to Export the report data.  This takes the raw data that made up the report and exports it as a CSV file.  Again, this is only available to administrators.

Comments on Schedule Page

In order to provide a consistent experience when working on a desktop, laptop or tablet, we've made a adjustment to the way the comments are displayed on the schedule page.

The same icon is used to indicate a comment is available.  However, you will need to click the icon to display the comment.  

When using a desktop or a laptop, you can simply click on the tool tip to close it.  On a tablet, swipe the comment to the left or right in order to close it.

Admins Can Schedule Into Other Staffers Homeroom

Prior to this release the only person that could schedule into a staffer's homeroom is that staffer.  It wasn't possible for one staffer to schedule a student into the homeroom of another staffer.  That is being changed for this release.

If you are an admin, you will be able to go through the scheduling process, the same as always.  However, once the scheduling pop-up window appears, if you select Homeroom as a department (or whatever your school has named the Homeroom department to be), then you will see a list of all the active courses that are marked as a homeroom course.

Department Marked as Homeroom Cannot Be Deleted

This is a small change, but in order to ensure that admins can scheduled students into other staffer's homerooms, the application will not allow a department marked as homeroom to be deleted.

Deleting Appointments for a Single Student Displays Details

When a user is on the Delete Appointments page and they choose to delete "By Student", the application will now list all the appointments for the selected date range/period.  Details are NOT displayed when the option is "By Course" or "By Grad Year".  Given the number of possible appointments, it's not reasonable to show those details.  But when deleting appointments for a single student, the details will be displayed.

Appointments Can be Marked as Editable by Student

This feature applies to schools that allow their students to create their own appointments.  There are several new features added to Enriching Students to support this overall feature.

Students Can Be Given Ability to Override Appointments

Go to Settings, Manage Students.  If you want to activate this feature for the entire student body, click the Advanced button.  From there, click the can Override Appts check box and click the Save button.  

Or this property can be activated on a student by student basis.  On the Manage Students page, select an individual student and you'll see the check box "Can Override Appts?".

Once this property has been activated for a student, a new option will now appear on the Scheduling pop-up window.  The option is a check box, "Student Can Overwrite".  When this option is selected, the appointment will be marked as being editable by a student.

This feature is particularly useful for schools that pre-book their students into homerooms by default, but want students to be able to modify those appointments.  However, it should be noted that ANY appointment can be marked as editable by a student, it's not limited to homeroom/advisory appointments.  It's based entirely on the needs of the school, staff and student.


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that would allow a student to modify an appointment after the attendance had been taken.



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