Updates for November 11, 2016

We have made adjustments to the scheduling page to make it easier to override existing appointments.  This process only applies to staff, it does not impact student self-scheduling.


Many schools have taken advantage of the ability to pre-book students into advisory, in some cases, for the entire year.  This made the initial process easier, but had an unintended consequence of making it more time consuming to adjust existing appointments.

The Fix

We've made a small, but important change to the scheduling page.  Note the screen shot below:

As you can see, the Schedule button now appears without having to delete the appointment first.  Clicking the Schedule button brings up the standard scheduling page.  You can see a new check box (highlighted in yellow):

You can modify the appointment, but, you must choose to override the appointment!  The idea is to give you the flexibility to modify the appointment, while at the same time, ensuring that as a user, you understand you are changing the appointment.  If the student is NOT already scheduled, there's no need to select this option.  But if they student IS scheduled and you forget to select it, then you'll see the same error as before:

However, when the check box has been selected, the appointment is overwritten, without first having to delete the appointment: 

Quick Schedule

If you want to use the Quick Schedule feature for individual students who are already scheduled, you will still have to delete the appointment first.

What About Groups of Students

This feature works equally well for groups of students.  

1) Select the group of students you're interested in scheduling via the Filter by Tag.  Additionally, you can deselect certain students (uncheck the "Show Student" option and the student will not be included in the group scheduling).

2) Click the + next to Students:

Click the Schedule button in the correct day of the week and the scheduling window appears.

Once the window is open, you can select a range of dates, (be sure to select the appropriate days of the week) and, as long as you select the option to override the appointments, the new appointments will be created.

What About Locked Appointments

This approach still respects locked appointments. The same rules still apply.  If the staffer trying to modify the appointments is:

1) An admin or

2) The person who created the appointment or,

3) The instructor, then the locked appointment can be modified.  Otherwise, the user will be unable to modify the locked appointment.


One question that we want to address is, "Can we default to having the check box selected?"  For right now, the answer is no.  We need to balance the need to streamline the scheduling process with the need to ensure that appointments aren't accidentally modified.  We feel that this approach strikes the proper balance.

Clearly, care is still needed.  If you select a large date range, you could overwrite appointments that you're not aware of.  But when used correctly, this new feature will speed up the process of making adjustments to existing appointments.



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