Updates for Oct 15, 2016

A Better User Experience

Several of the pages have been modified to work better when viewing the site via a tablet.  This is an ongoing process.

Admin Adjust Course

There was a bug that allowed an admin to set the max number of students to 0.  This shouldn't be done.  If you are looking to prevent a user from being booked, then the Blocked Dates feature should be used.  The admin page has been updated to provide feedback indicating the proper approach to take when an admin enters 0 for the max number of students.

Block Students from Self-Scheduling Specific Courses

For schools that allow students to self-schedule, there might be times when you create an adjusted course and you want ensure that students cannot schedule themselves into the course.  

On the Courses page (and on the Admin, Manage Courses page), there is now a check box, Block Self-Scheduling.  When this option is selected, the adjusted course will be created, but it will NOT be displayed to students who are scheduling.  Keep in mind, it WILL still be displayed to other staffers.

Logging on With Google

If your school uses Google to host your email, then you can use your Google account to log on to Enriching Students.

When you visit the site and you are not logged on, you are directed automatically to the login page. There is now a button that reads "Sign In With Google".  When you click that button, you will be provided with a page to enter your Google email address and another to enter your password.  You will be prompted to confirm that you want to share basic data with us, such as your first and last name.

Once authenticated by Google, the email address will be validated in Enriching Students.  As long as the email address is in Enriching Students and your account is active, you will be directed to the appropriate page, based on whether you are a staff or a student.

Please note that we cannot modify your account to use a Google email address that is not used by your school.  We only use the data the school provides.

Manage Reports

Reports can now be marked as being for Admins Only.  When this option is selected, the report will only be available on the Analysis page if the logged on user is an Admin.

To set this option, an admin would go to Settings, Manage Reports.

New Date Option

When using the Blocked Date and Adjusted Course feature, users have been able to use a single date, Every Other Day or Weekly.  When working with the Weekly option, users can select the day(s) of the week to apply.  

A new option has been added, Every Other Week.  As the name implies, this will create Blocked Dates and Adjusted Courses for every other week.  Like the weekly option, the user can set the Start and End dates, along with selecting the days of the week to apply.

Students Requesting Appointments

This process has been modified to require a student to select a course. In the past, the process would simply default to the first course, which led to some teachers getting incorrect requests.

We've also provided better feedback when the student fails to make selections.



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