Updates for Oct 1, 2016

We've rolled out several improvements to the site, based on user feedback.


Under the Settings menu, available to Admins, is the Export Appointment feature.  This allows admins to create their own Export Definition, allowing schools to export appointment information.  There are two changes to this feature

  • A bug fix - in some cases, the export definitions wouldn't save; that issue has been resolved.
  • Graduation Year is now a value that can be exported.

Analysis Page

A fix for users on the Safari browser - there was an issue where some reports wouldn't print when using Safari.  That issue has been fixed.  We continue to recommend Chrome as the best browser to use for Enriching Students.


We've clarified the terminology on the Dashboard page when taking attendance using the Quick Attendance feature.

The button at the top is designed to ONLY be used with the drop down list.

We have many schools that need to take attendance right at the beginning of the period, so that admin's can track down any who are missing. The drop down allows the entire room to be set at once, and the button at the top allows those records to be saved.; without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.

The save button at the bottom is for the one offs; if a teacher modifies individual records.

So, if the teacher clicks the Save button at the top of the page, while the drop down reads Not Set, it's going to set all of the records to not set.

We've added a notification to that button.  If the drop down is Not Set and the user clicks the Set/Save button, they will be prompted to confirm.

Manual Grade Import

A bug fix - there was an issue that was preventing errors from being displayed when manually importing grades.  This was causing it to appear that grades had been imported, even when they hadn't.  This has been fixed.

License Count

A bug fix - substitutes were being counted on the Settings, Manage Staff page; which prevented some schools from adding more staff when they had added substitutes.  This issue has been fixed.

Password Reset

There have been issues for some people in trying to reset their password.  We've adjusted the process.

When a new password is requested, the password is NOT changed at that point.  Instead, an email with a link to change the password is sent to the user.

When the user follows the link, they are presented with a page that allows them to change their password.  At the same time, they are logged on to the site.

Hopefully, by requiring the user to set the password, there will be fewer login issues.

Admin Take Attendance

We've modified this page to be similar to the Dashboard Take Attendance.  There is now a Quick Attendance feature that allows the entire class to be set all at once.




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