Admins Importing Student Data

Once your schools account has been initially set up, an admin can upload a file for adding/modifying/deleting students.

The file can contain any combination of student information.  In other words, the file could contain just students that need to be deleted from the application.  Or it could simply contain new students.  It's possible that it contain every student in your application.

Validation Checks

There are several validation checks that are performed before the data is imported.

Basic File Layout

The field headers and data types are checked.  If any of these checks fail, then the process stops and a message details the errors.

For example, the file has FirstName and LastName fields.  If these fields are missing or misspelled, then the import process will stop and error messages will be displayed.

Invalid Staff Ids

If any of the staff ids listed in the file don't match existing staff members, error messages will be displayed, listing the staff Ids that don't match.  The import process will stop at that point.

Invalid Student Data

Student Ids must be unique within the school.  If there are duplicates in the file, error messages will be displayed and the import process will stop.

Email Addresses must be unique.  If there are duplicates in the file, or if the email address is assigned to another student in the application, error messages will be displayed and the import process will stop.

File Format

The file format is similar to what's described in the initial import file.  However, there are two additional fields added to the end of the file:

IsActive: this is a boolean field - true/false.  If this value is false, the student will be marked as inactive.  Otherwise the record will be marked as active.

DeleteRecord: this is a boolean field - true/false.  If this value is true, the student record will be removed from the application, along with any appointment requests and appointments associated with the student. 

Deleting Students

As mentioned above, any record marked as true in the DeleteRecord column will be deleted.  This transaction CANNOT be reversed.  

Modifying Existing Student(s)

The file provided will have a Student Id field for each student.  If the student Id matches a record for your school, then the student matches.  The values in the file provided will be used for the existing record.

Staff Has Changed

If the staff has changed, then any future homeroom appointments will be automatically moved.  

For example, Joe Smith is a student who is currently assigned to Mr. Clark.  Every Monday, Joe is scheduled into Mr. Clark's homeroom.

In the file, Joe has been moved to Ms. Wayne's homeroom.   All future Mondays, Joe's homeroom appointments will be moved to Ms. Wayne's homeroom class.  This is not configurable and cannot be prevented.

 Adding New Student(s)

If the Student Id associated with the student does not exist in the application, then this will be treated as a new record.  The student will be added to the application.  If a password has been provided, it will be used, otherwise, a randomly generated password will be used.


Many schools used our prebooking feature when they initially uploaded data.  When a student file is uploaded, any students that are new, will be prebooked into their homerooms, for any days that were prebooked when the schools data was initially imported.


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