Updates For Sept 19, 2016

There are several improvements for this release.

Adjusted Courses

It came to our attention that there was no feedback if a user was providing course names, course rooms or course descriptions that are too long.  Both the Staff and Admin Adjust Courses pages have been modified to let you know if there's an issue with any of these fields.  For the record:

1) Course Name - no more than 100 characters

2) Course Room - no more than 50 characters

3) Course Description - no more than 500 characters


Managing Students Self Schedule

The Admin Student List page needed some quick adjustment due to the size of some of the schools we're working with.  However, in the process, we removed the feature that allowed all of the students to be marked as being able to self-schedule.  In order to keep the page from being to busy, we've created a new page that can be accessed from the Student List page, via the Advanced link.  For now, the only option is to set/unset the Self Schedule option for all students, but we'll be adding more variations in the months to come.


Student Access

Currently, once a staffer has logged on to the site, they don't need to log on again unless they log off.  Their credentials are cached until a week of inactivity goes by or until the staffer logs off.  

We've updated the students to work in the same manner.  Once the student logs on, their credentials are cached for a week.  As long as the student visits the View Schedule page, that cached period is good for another week.  We expect this will make it easier for students to access the site.


School Messages

We found there was a potential issue when saving messages.  If the header or the message were too long, the process quietly failed.  We've adjusted this.  The application now provides feedback if either of those fields are too long.  For the record:

Header: no more than 50 characters

Message: no more than 2000 characters


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