Changes for 2016-2017 School Year

 Here is a list of some of the new features we are releasing for the upcoming school year.

Logging On With A Single Sign-On Page

Currently, staff have a different sign-on page than students. This has caused lots of confusion. Going forward, everyone will use the same login page.

Admin Features

Adjusting Courses

1) The biggest change is the ability to add a description when the course is being adjusted. This way, when staff or students are scheduling to an adjusted course, they will be able to bring up a description that lets them know what the course is about.

2) Currently if a course is adjusted over a range of dates, there isn't a way to remove that range of dates. It could be something as simple as the user entering the wrong date range. If they do that, they have to delete the dates one at a time. For the upcoming year, there will be a feature that allows a series of adjusted courses to be removed.



A pain point that we consistently hear about centers around dealing with teachers being out and giving substitutes access to Enriching Students. This year, ES will allow you to create as many substitute users as needed. The substitute will be set up to emulate a staffer's account. So when the substitute logs on, it will be as if the staffer has logged on. The substitute will be limited to having access to the Dashboard and Schedule page.

There won't be any license fee for substitutes.

Manage Students

For the upcoming year you will be able to filter students by graduation year. The primary purpose of this feature will be to allow mass changes to the Can Schedule Self option, based on graduation year.

Admin School Calendar

We're using the same feature on this page that we use on the Scheduling page. When an admin blocks a date range, they will have the ability to block certain days within that range.

For example, it could be that for a two month period, the RTI block won't be run on Fridays. Currently, the user would have to block those Fridays one at a time. With this release, the user will be able to select the days to block when they set up a date range.

Additionally, if a range of days have been blocked, a user will be able to delete a single date within that range. So in the above example, there is suddenly a need to schedule one of the days that is currently blocked.  Right now, that's not possible, you'd have to delete the entire range and start over. For the upcoming year, you'll be able to expand the date range and remove a single date, thus opening up the flex block.

Manage School Periods

This feature will appeal primarily to schools that break up their RTI into multiple periods. For the new year, schools will be able to name those periods, instead of just having Period 1, Period 2, Period 3 etc.

Also, under the current environment, a school is limited to at most 3 periods.  The new release will support up to 8 periods.

Exporting Scheduling Data

We are revamping the exporting process. For the upcoming year, we're allowing admins to decide which fields they want to export.

We'll be releasing a training video on the feature once it's completed, but essentially, when it comes to appointment data, the user will be able to select from the following fields:

Student Name
Student External Id (the id the school provides to us)
Instructor Name
Instructor Room
Instructor Id (again, the id the school provides to us for the staff)
Scheduler Name
Appointment date
Comment made when scheduled
Comment made when attendance was taken
Appointment Type
Attendance Type
Was Student Tardy
Was Student Scheduled by Staffer (some schools allow students to do scheduling)
Period Id (some schools use multiple periods for the RTI blocks)
Course Name for that day (in case the course was adjusted)

There will be filters based on the appointment date, the appointment type and the attendance type.

We're expecting that this will provide a much greater level of flexibility regarding exporting data.

Other Pages

Student Profile Page

The biggest change here is the current grades will be displayed on the student profile page if they have been imported into ES.

Scheduling Page

This page has been updated in several ways.

1) Users will have access to other staffer's tags/rosters. For example, maybe I'm a guidance counselor and I need to see Mrs. Smith's homeroom class. Right now, I'd either have to tag all those students myself or schedule them one by one. For the upcoming year, the user will be able to simply select Mrs Smith from a drop down on the scheduling page.  They will then be presented with a list of tags for Mrs. Smith. From there, the scheduling process remains the same.  (Note, substitutes will NOT have access to this feature.)

2) Scheduling a subset of a roster: Once a roster has been selected, using the schedule all feature creates appointments for all of the students in that roster.

There is a new feature on the scheduling page that allows a user to 'hide' a student, thus keeping that student from being scheduled when the Schedule All feature is used.


The biggest change on the dashboard is the struggling students. Currently, the site only shows you students that are struggling if they are in your homeroom. The new release will also list any students that are in any of your rosters (that is, any students that have been tagged by you.)


Better Management of Tags

Right now, there's no way for a staffer to edit the tags they've created. And the default tag is always their homeroom tag. For the upcoming year, they will be able to both edit their tags as well as set their default tag.

Thus, if I'm typically trying to schedule my advanced calculus course, that's what would be displayed to me by default, if I make that tag the default tag.

Student Pages

The student section is being revamped entirely; making it more mobile friendly.

Additionally, we've streamlined the scheduling process, making it easier to accomplish with fewer clicks. And students will have access to their data; basically they will have access to the Student Profile page for themselves.


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