Default Appointment Types By Course

Appointments types are values that are created by schools.  They can be used to determine what the purpose of the appointment was.  Examples would be Extra Help, Enrichment etc.

When a school creates appointment types, they have to set one of them as the default.  That value is used as a default when a new appointment is created.

Due to the new Quick-Schedule feature, the application needed the ability to store the Default Appointment Type by course.

How Does It Work

The courses default to the default appointment type for the school.  However, as a staffer, you can visit the Courses page and adjust the appointment types for your courses.

Once on the page, you will see the following section on the page:

To change the default appointment type, simply select a new value in the drop down and click the save button.


 This feature is useful as you start to use the Quick-Schedule feature.



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