Using Quick-Schedule

The standard schedule approach gives users a great deal of flexibility.  You can select a department, a course, set comments & appointment types as well as a range of dates. 

However, when all you want to do is schedule a student into your homeroom or subject matter course, it can seem like a lot of clicks.  The Quick-Schedule feature will allow you to schedule students into either your homeroom or your subject matter course with fewer clicks.

How Does it Work?

Note the image below

As you can see, there is an arrow attached to the Schedule button. To Quick-Schedule a student, click the arrow and your homeroom course as well as your subject matter course will appear.  You will also see the number of open seats for that course and day.  To Schedule the student, click the course.

 Once you select the course, the student will be scheduled as if you had gone through the standard scheduling process.



Now clearly using this approach means that you can't set a comment or select multiple days.  And that's OK; the standard schedule approach is still available. When you know you want to just schedule the student into either of your courses and nothing else is needed, this feature will dramatically decrease the amount of time it will take.



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