Delete Multiple Appointments

We are taking the page that we created for Admins and making it available to everyone.  However, a user cannot circumvent the rules that are in place regarding locked appointments.  Any appointment that is unlocked can be deleted by any staffer.  However, if the appointment is locked, then you will need to be either:

  1. An admin
  2. The staffer that created the appointment
  3. The staffer to whom the student is scheduled

In order to use the Delete Multiple Appointments feature, first navigate to the Scheduling page.  You will notice a new button called 'Delete Appts'.  (There is a link on the Advanced Scheduling page as well.)



Clicking that button will take you to the new Delete Multiple Appointments page.  There are a couple of ways that you can delete appointments.  Regardless of which option you choose, you first need to select BOTH a start AND an end date.  This can be done simply by clicking the date controls found on the page.



Next there is the option to 'Search by Course' or 'Search by Student'.  You'll notice that based on what you have selected, the drop down list will be dynamically populated with either the courses or the students.  Once you have made your selection in the drop down list, click the search button.


In the example below, the 'Search by Student' option was selected and now all of that students appointments in the selected date range have been displayed.  You will also notice that there are now buttons to 'Select All' and to 'Delete'.  The 'Select All' gives you the ability to select all of the shown dates.  This does not have to be used however; you are able to select specific dates as needed.



Once you have made your selection you can begin the delete process.  After clicking the 'Delete' button, you will get a message asking you to confirm.  This is the last opportunity you have to change your mind.  All of the selected records will be deleted if the message is confirmed.  This process while very helpful, is permanent.  Please make sure that the correct records are selected before clicking confirm.


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