How To Delete Multiple Appointments

If you are an Admin in Enriching Students, you can delete multiple appointments.

 How It Works

To delete multiple appointments, log on to Enriching Students as an Admin. Click on Settings and under the Manage Staff and Students section, click the Delete Multiple Appts link.

Enter a Start Date and an End Date.  Then, select the course that you wish to manage. Note: the courses drop down list ALWAYS shows the default course name.  So if the course is typically called Smith-Math, but was adjusted on a particular day to be called MathFundamentals, look for Smith-Math.

Once you click the search button, you will be presented with a list of students and the date associated with the appointment. 

If you wish to delete all the appointments, simply click Select All and the click the Delete button.  You will be prompted to confirm the delete.

If you wish to leave some of the appointments on the schedule, then click Select All and uncheck those appointments that you wish to keep.

As mentioned above, at this point in time, this is an Admin Only feature.  We're interested in hearing from schools on this topic.  If you feel this should be available to all staff members, please let us know via the comments for this topic.


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