Viewing Grades in Enriching Students

There are several ways that Grades can be imported into Enriching Students.  But how are they viewed?

It's a Two Step Process

The issue is one of access. There are lots of states that we work with where teachers have to have a "need to know" in order to view grades. So we determine that in two ways.

1) Has the teacher been granted the ability to view grades.This is set by administrators.  Go to Settings -> Manage Staff and you can modify this property for any staff member.

2) Does the teacher have a "need to know". We determine that by whether or not a student is in any of the rosters for the teacher (they've been tagged). So I can look at any student, but unless I tag them, (putting them on my roster), I can't see their grades.

We understand this might seem somewhat silly, considering any teacher can add any student to their roster.  As we stated above though, there are states where a teacher being able to see a students grade that they don't work with is not allowed. So we try to make it as easy as possible, by allowing teachers to add any student they want to their roster; trusting that they are professionals.

So, if you aren't seeing any grades for your students, and you know that they've been imported, be sure to add those students to your roster.


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