Changes to the Scheduling Page

A Few Adjustments

We'd like to highlight a few changes that have been applied to the scheduling page:

First,we've added a (select student) option to the Select Student drop down.  This will help prevent people from accidentally selecting (Schedule All).

The values in the Select Student drop down were being sorted by first name.  (An odd choice!)  We've made an adjustment so that the student names are sorted by last name and then first name.

We've "tightened up" the page.  The section where the scheduling is done has been slightly rearranged.  People had notified us that on some resolutions, there was a lot of scrolling up and down as the scheduling process was done.  This adjusted design has been tested on screens as small as a tablet and we've found that we could see everything that we need to in order to schedule.  (See image below.)


Thanks for the feedback, we'll be making more tweaks in the days to come.



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