Creating Recurring Appointments for Groups of Students

This is another feature that has been highly requested in Enriching Students; the ability to create recurring appointments for a group of students.

Currently, Enriching Students allows you to create a recurring appointment for a single student.  On the scheduling popup window, the user simply clicks the Create Recurring button, and they are able to enter a date range.  After selecting the days to schedule and clicking save, a recurring appointment is created for all the selected days within the date range for that one student.

Some schools are looking to create recurring appointments for groups of students. The groups could include:

  • The staff member's advisory
  • Students on a roster that a teacher has set up
  • Students that have been tagged by a teacher

What Does It Look Like

The page has been updated to support the new feature; see the image below: (Note, in the image below, you will see the option to Select a Period.  This is a feature that some schools use; it's activated on a school by school basis.  If you don't see it, it's because your school doesn't use that feature.  However, everything else applies.)

There are a few things to note about the new page:

  • When you select a start date and schedule students, you are no longer brought back to the current week. This is a feature that has been requested by many schools.
  • The recurring scheduling works in a similar manner to the recurring scheduling for a single student, or as the block dates works.  You check the days that are to be scheduled, enter a start and end date and click Schedule All.  The students currently displayed will be scheduled.
  • You can change the students that are displayed by using the filter options on the right hand of the screen.  For example, you might choose to look at the students that are in your advisory, which is the default view.  Or you could select the course that has been set up for you and any students you have added to that course will be displayed.  Or if you have tagged students and select that tag, those students will be displayed. 
  • If you school uses periods, you can select a period and schedule the selected students for that period.

Things to be Aware Of

 There are a several things to consider as you use this new feature.

There is no undo!  If you schedule your advisory to you each day of the week for a month, there is no way to change that without manually deleting each student one at a time! So, give careful consideration and check your filter options and date range several times before scheduling a large block of students to you over a large period of time.

The process takes time to run.  Depending on the number of students that you select, it can take several minutes to run.  Do not refresh the page.  The message will disappear once all the appointments have been created.

In Conclusion

We hope this feature will make the scheduling of blocks of students easier.


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