Auto-Import Student Grades

Enriching Students allows a school to automatically import grades; daily if your school updates grades that frequently.  The process involves several steps:

  • Exporting grades from your Student Management System (SMS)
  • Posting the files to our server via FTP

Exporting the Data

The first step involves exporting the data from your SMS. 

The file generated must:

  • Be a comma separated file
  • The first line must read StudentID,Course,Grade.  The headers are NOT case-sensitive.  However, there shouldn't be an spaces in the header names.  So, StudentID, not Student ID. Also, there should be no comma at the end of the line.

Here is a description of the fields

  • Student Id - this is the Id that is associated with the student in your SMS.  This was provided to Enriching Students when your data was initially imported.
  • Course - this is the course that the student was graded on.  If this value has a comma within it, the value should be in quotes.  It is acceptable to simply surround all of the course names in quotes. 
  • Grade - the letter grade or the numeric score

Because there are a large number of SMS, we are not able to provide any technical support regarding either exporting your data or setting up an automated process for sending the files to us via FTP.

Data Validation

During the import, the file is validated in the following ways:

  • The file name must be valid.  The file name has to match this format:

  • IMPORTKEY-grade.csv.  The ImportKey is a value that has been assigned to your school.  This can be found by logging on to the site and going to Settings -> Configuration. (Note, you must be an admin to access this portion of the site.  If you are not an admin, contact someone in your school who is in order to get this information.)

  • The phrase grade has to follow the import key.  This allows us to understand it's a grade file we're dealing with.

  • If the file name does not follow this format, the file will NOT be imported.

  • All student Ids are verified.  The import process looks at the student Ids that are in the import file and compares them to the student Ids in the application.  If there are Ids that are in the file, that have no match in the application, an email is generated and sent to the contact that has been set up in the application.  The data will be imported if there are student Ids that have no match.  Obviously, those students that don't match will not be processed.

  • The course name cannot exceed 100 characters.  If any of the course names exceed that length, an email is created and the file is NOT imported.

  • Grades have to match the list of acceptable values. 
  • The only valid letter grades are: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E+, E, E-, F+, F, F-. If you are using letter grades, no other values will be  considered valid.

  • The second option is to provide scores instead of letters. Scores must be between 0 and 100, inclusive.

 The import process is set to run at 9:00 PM UTC-8; (West Coast Time in the US.)

How Do I Upload the File

In order to upload the files, you will need to set up your FTP process with a valid User Id and password and point to the correct location on our server  All of this information can be found by logging on to Enriching Students and going to Settings -> Configuration.

How Do I Receive an Email Notification

In order to receive an email notification regarding the status of the import, go to Settings -> Configuration and find the heading that reads, "Who to notify when grades are imported".  Enter one or more email addresses, separated by a semi colon.


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