Block Dates in A Recurring Fashion

Enriching Students allows dates to be blocked; either for one staff member or for an entire department.  Doing so prevents anyone from creating an appointment with those staff members for the blocked dates.

One bit of feedback we've received is the need to block dates on a recurring basis.  This article deals with how to use this new feature in Enriching Students.

A New Look

First, is a new look for the block dates page.  In order to support the recurring feature, we've modified the look of the page as you can see in the image below:

Note a few of the new features

  • You now select the option to block by staff or by department.  As you choose, the select box changes to display staff members or departments respectively.
  •  You check the days you are looking to block, as well as add a start and end date.  The check boxes are particularly important if you enter a date range.  For example, if you enter 10/06/2014 for the start date and 10/10/2014 for the end date, you must check all the days that should be blocked.  The application will not make any assumptions about the dates to be blocked.
  • As was the case before, the Reason for Blocking Date may or may not be required within your school; this is a configuration option that each school sets.

Managing the Blocked Dates

Once the dates are blocked, it is possible to remove individual dates for single users.

For example, you block dates for every Wednesday in the month of Nov and Dec for a single user.  One of those days opens up.  You can remove that blocked date for that one user.

The same is true if you block a department; you can remove a single date for a single user.  If you need to unblock the date for the entire department, you will need to remove the block for each user within the department.

Please note: at this point there is no way to undo a range of blocked dates; so be careful when setting up a wide date range.  It might be best to simply do several weeks at a time.

How is this Feature Beneficial

In speaking with many schools, we are finding that they are using their advisory/enrichment period in many ways.  In some cases, an entire department might use the advisory period to meet once a week.  Being able to block dates for a range of weeks makes the process easier to manage.

In Conclusion

We believe the ability to block a range of dates for individuals and departments will be useful to many schools using Enriching Students.





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