How To Manage Student Requests

Once a teacher receives an appointment request, there are several options available to them:

  • They can click the link on the Appointment Request page that will allow them to schedule the student
  • They can go directly to the scheduling page themselves, where they can schedule the student (see button 1 on the image below)
  • The request might go unfilled.  This could be for many reasons, such as scheduling conflicts, the needs of the student changes etc.

Of course, it's possible that a student can be scheduled on a day other than what is requested.

Automatic Removal of Request

That brings us to the issue at hand.  If the teacher schedules a student by following the link on the Appointment Request page and they schedule the student for the same day that was requested, then the application can match up the request with the appointment and mark the request as complete.

However, it could be that the teacher is already fully booked for the day requested and the student is scheduled on another day. 

Or, it could be that, in discussing the situation with the student, it's determined there isn't a need to schedule the student.  However, in both of these cases, the request continues to appear on the Appointment Request page.

So, with those issues in mind, we have added two new features to the Appointment Request Page.

Mark As Complete

On the appointment request page, there is now a new feature that will allow the staff member to mark the appointment as Complete.  When the user clicks this button, the application is updated and the request will no longer appear.  This should be used whenever the student was scheduled on a day other than what was requested. (See button 2 in the image below)


A second option that appears next to each request is the Remove option.  (See button 3 in the image above.) When this button is clicked, the application marks the appointment as having been removed.  To be clear, the request is not removed from the application, it's maintained for reporting purposes.  It's simply marked that the request wasn't fulfilled and will no longer automatically be displayed.  This allows for reports to be accurately run to determine how many requests have been made.  If they were actually removed, then the accuracy of the data would be compromised.

What Does It Look Like

When the page first opens, it will only display those requests that have not yet been dealt with.  However, you can view all of your requests at any time.  To do so, click the Show All Requests radio button and then click the Show button.

When you do that, you will see a list of all your appointment requests.  Those that have been cared scheduled/removed will indicate that.


These two new features will allow users to better manage their Appointment Requests.



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