A Dashboard Update

There has been an issue with some schools and how the scheduling process is taking place.

As you know, Enriching Students defaults to having two different courses for a staff member; one advisory and one course.  The expectation has been that a teacher would schedule students into one or the other for a single day, but not into both.

However, that expectation isn't in line with what's going on in our schools.  We're seeing situations where staffers are booking some students into their advisory and other students into their course, all in the same day.

The issue this has raised has been on the dashboard.  It was designed to deal with one course a day for a staff member.  When students were scheduled into both the advisory and the course for the same day, not all of the students would appear on the dashboard, which was causing issues regarding attendance taking.

We're happy to say that problem is going away.  We've adjusted the dashboard to display all students that are assigned to a staffer for the day, regardless of the course they are assigned to.

This has required one minor change; when you click the Take Attendance link, the course name is no longer displayed.  Because there could be any number of courses, we could no longer display the course name.

There are also a few changes to the attendance/view schedule display.  As you know, you can take attendance for the current day and prior.  However, you cannot take attendance in the future.  When the date being displayed is a future date, the link reads View Schedule, instead of Take Attendance.

However, when that link was clicked, the section that appeared made it seem that attendance could be taken.  Some of the verbiage on the site was unclear about the status of that data.  We've clarified things a bit.  When the attendance can be taken, the text at the top of the attendance section reads Take Attendance for: and then the date is displayed.

When it's just a schedule being displayed, the text at the top of that section now reads Show Schedule for: and the date.

It's a small change, but we're hoping it will make the functionality clearer.


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