How to Create A New Course

When a school is set up in Enriching Students, two types of courses are created for each user imported; a home room/advisory course and a "teaching" course.

What's the Difference

A home room course is used to schedule time with students in your home room (or advisory or whatever it is that your school calls that block of time.)  The idea is, the time is accounted for when you book students into your advisory.

Typically, the easiest thing to do is simply use the Schedule All option on the Scheduling page.  Select the day, (Monday for most schools, but not all), and then click the Schedule All button.  This will automatically override the schedule for all of the students in your home room.  A quick and easy way to get them scheduled.

The "teaching" course is typically where you book the students that you are teaching into.  For example, if Mr. Smith is in the application, he will have a course labeled something like "Advisory - Smith". for his advisory students.

But, there will also be a course entitled something like "Smith - Science".  This is the course that students get booked to when they need to see Mr. Smith for help in Science. 

Again, it's about accountability.  By booking students into a "learning" course; then it's clear why the student is there.  They aren't just in the advisory, they were actually scheduled to see Mr. Smith for Science.

However, what if I want to focus on a specific science topic?  Don't I need to create a new course, just for that?

No!  What you need to do is view this topic, How to Change A Course Name; this will describe the steps you need to take in order to accomplish this goal.


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