Why Do Students Suddenly Need Passwords

If you manage student data in Enriching Students, then you will notice this year we require passwords for the students. As with staff data, you don't see their current password, the option is there for editing. 

But Why Is It Needed

This year, for the first time, students can log on to Enriching Students.  The url is:

What Can Students Do

There are two features that we've created for students.

View Schedule - Once the student is logged on to the site, they are viewing their schedule for the current week.  And of course, they can easily move from week to week to view any past or future schedule.

Request Appointment - the second feature allows students to request an appointment.  The process is similar to what teachers do to schedule a student.  They select a department, then the teacher.  They provided a date that they would like to see the teacher on, and optionally, a comment. 

However, students are not automatically scheduled.  The next time the teacher logs on to the site, they will see a notification, indicating that one or more requests have been made.  The teacher can then decide the best time to see the student.

How Do Students Get Access

If and when you are ready for the students to access the site, log on as an admin, go to Settings -> Manage Students.  There, you will see a button that reads "Notify All". 

Clicking that button will notify send out an email to all the students, notifying them of their login, their password and will include a link to the site.  Note, there is no requirement that students have access.  If the email is never sent, they will never gain access to the site.



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