How to Set Number of Available Seats for a Teacher

The number of students that a teacher can have booked to them, is based on a count that is associated with them.  There are two ways to change the count.

As an Admin

If your logged on as an admin, you can change the number of open seats for any teacher. 

  1. Click Settings -> Adjust Courses. 
  2. In the drop down box, select the staff member whose course you wish to edit.
  3. Once the staff member is selected, you can modify the course name and/or the max number of students.  Unlike non-admins, an admin can increase OR decrease the available number of seats.
  4. Set the start and end date, and be sure to select the days to be affected if the start date is not the same as the end date.
  5. Click the save button; the adjustments will appear beneath the data entry section.
  6. Additionally, you can edit or delete an existing adjustment.  To edit an existing adjustment, click the delete button, confirm you wish to delete the record and it will be removed.
  7. To edit a record, click the edit button.  You can then edit the course name and/or the count for the selected date.

As A Teacher

If your account is not an admin account, you can still increase the number of students you are willing to take.  Unlike prior versions of Enriching Students though, it's done on a day by day basis.

  1. Click the Courses tab
  2. Here, you will see your non-homeroom/non-advisory course.
  3. Select a date
  4. Increase the course count and be sure to click the save button.
  5. The number that is initially displayed in the count text box is the current maximum number of students, as set by the admin or during the initial import of your schools data.  If you believe this count is to high, you will need to contact an admin within your school. 

Please don't contact Enriching Students, we are not authorized to make adjustments like this to your schools data.



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