Recurring Courses

As has been discussed in other articles, a feature that has been added to Enriching Students is the ability to use a single course for a teacher, and to allow the teacher to modify the course name on a day by day basis.

This is a better approach than what we had before, in that it doesn't require blocking and unblocking courses.

However, there has been one problem  The description could only be changed for one day at a time.

Setting up Recurring Courses

That has changed with our latest update.  Now, when you have a single non-home room course, the application will allow you to set up a change that is recurring for the time period you enter.

Additionally, there are five check boxes that are displayed, for Mon-Fri.  This allows the change to be more granular.

For example, if you want to change the name of a course for every Friday between 9/1/2014 and 11/28/2014 these are the steps you would follow:

  • Enter a new course description: Science Friday!
  • Click the recurring button
  • Enter a start date: 9/1/2014
  • Enter an end date: 11/28/2014
  • Check the Friday check box
  • Click the save button

When the page is refreshed, you will see a list of Fridays, ending with 11/28/2014; the dates are inclusive.  (For right now, you need to refresh the page to see the updated list.)

Of course, there's nothing preventing you from changing it for several days.  Simply click the appropriate check boxes before clicking save.

What if I Need a Range But Want to Exclude Some Dates

Lets say that you want to use the same date range as above, 9/1/2014 - 11/28/2014.  But you want to exclude 11/14/2014.

The easiest approach is to do exactly what is laid out above.  When you refresh the page, you will see the list of dates.  Next to each is a remove button.  Simply click the button next to 11/14/2014 and you're all set.

One Thing to Note

It would be confusing if students were already scheduled into a course and the name were to be changed after the fact.  So, when the dates are saved, a check is made to ensure the course isn't already scheduled.  If it is scheduled for that day, a note will appear at the top of the page, indicating that date wasn't modified.  However, the other dates in the range will be modified.


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