How To Change A Course Name

In prior versions of Enriching Students, if you wanted to offer multiple courses to your students, you needed to create multiple courses.  Then you had to go through the process of blocking and unblocking courses, so that you wouldn't get overbooked.

We came to appreciate that, what's really being booked isn't the course, but the time with a teacher.  And if the teacher needed a different course name, then the best approach is to allow that course name to be changed by the teacher.

Changing The Course Name

The process is very simple.  Once you are logged on, you click the Courses tab.

On that page, you will see your one "teaching" course.  To change the course name, select a date, and modify the course name.  Optionally, you can increase the number of students for that day.

Once you click save, the course, for that day, will have the new title.  No need to block multiple courses, just change the name for the one day.

For example, Mr. Smith has a course in the application labeled "Smith - Science".  One day out of the month, he wants to focus on Earth Science.  So, he enters a date, changes the description to "Smith - Earth Science" and clicks save.

Now, anyone that views his course for the selected day, won't see "Smith - Science".  Instead, they see "Smith - Earth Science"; so they know what Mr. Smith is going to focus on for that day.

It could work the same way for clubs.  If Mr. Smith wanted to use a period once every couple of months to run a chess club, he would simply change the course name for the selected dates to "Smith - Chess Club".

Of course, there's nothing forcing him to use his name in course label, but it does make sense to take that approach and allow people to know who it is that's running the course or club.


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