Scheduling Students into Multiple Periods

Before reading this article, please be sure to read the article on Activating Multiple Periods and the article on Configuring Courses for Multiple Periods.

How To Schedule with Multiple Periods

In this article, we are going to review the process for scheduling students into multiple periods in Enriching Students/

The Current Set Up

To keep things simple, we are going to focus on just a small group of courses. Let's take a look at what we have:

So, as we can see, we have the following:

  • A math course that's available for periods 1 & 2
  • A Science Course that's available for periods 1 & 3
  • A Computer Lab Course that's available for periods 2 & 3


The first thing we will note on the scheduling page is the additional drop down to Select Period.

So, based on the setup we described, if we leave the scheduling page set for Period 1, we would expect that we CANNOT see the Computer Lab course, because it's only available for periods 2 & 3

However, we WOULD expect the math course to be available in period 1

But, we would NOT expect the same course to be available in period 3/


In order to work with multiple periods, your account has to be set to use that feature. Once activated, the courses need to be set correctly. The application will then ensure that only courses appropriate for the selected period will be displayed.


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