Scheduling Tagged Students

Scheduling Tagged Students

Please be sure to read the article on tagging students before you read this article.

Once students have been tagged, you can use the tags to make the scheduling process easier.

Let's Set the Stage

Here's a screen shot of some of the students in a teachers roster:

Things to note:

This teacher has created three different tags

  • ExtraHelp
  • Junior
  • Senior

Two of the students have two tags each

  • Fermina Baldurf is marked with Senior and ExtraHelp
  • Dorris Burglin is marked with Junior and ExtraHelp

Filtering the Data

In the screen shot below, you can see that there is now a drop down that allows you to filter by tags: Note: if you don't see this drop down, it's because you haven't tagged any of your students yet.

The filtering works for both my homeroom roster as well as the custom roster that I created. As I select different groupings of homeroom vs. guidance and the different tags, the page is updated to reflect those choices.


Tags are a great new feature in Enriching Students. Once they are set up, they will streamline the scheduling process, making it faster and easier than ever.


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