Our New Reporting Framework


We are happy to announce that we are in the process of releasing a new Reporting page.  The report tool we are working with will allow us to provide more complex reports as time goes by.

How Does it Work?

All of the reports are run from a single page.  This means that as we move forward, all of the links that are for reports will bring you to this one page.

Once you are on the page, you will see this basic layout (note, this will be updated over the next several days.)

As you can see, you start by selecting a report to run.

When you do that, the page will update to display just the controls that are needed to run the report.  For example, if I select the Attendance Not Taken report:

You'll see that we now display just the start date, as that's all that's required for this report.  Also note to the right, a description is now displayed, describing what this report is about.

As we release new reports, we will post an article about it here on the help desk. So as you see new reports appear, check back here for a complete explanation on what the reports are all about.


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