Student Attendance

How Are Students Using Their Time

This report serves two purposes.

  • First,it lists all of the courses a student has attended within the time frame provided.
  • Secondly, it provides a count of the attendance types that were given to each student by course.

What Does the Data Mean

The report requires that you select:

  • A Start Date
  • An End Date
  • A Homeroom
Note: You cannot currently run the report for the entire school.

The report will return all of the students in the selected home room; the data will be grouped by those students. Each course the student attended within the specified time frame will be listed. For each course, the report will display the number of times:

  • Attendance wasn't taken
  • The student attended and participated
  • The student attended and did not participate
  • The student was absent
  • The student cut class

The Headers are a Bit Jammed

The report uses the text that your school has set up for the Attendance Types. So, for example, if your school uses Satisfactory to indicate the student attended and participated, that's what will be displayed within the report. If your school used Attended/Participated,then that will be used in the report

The problem that can occur is in getting the titles to wrap correctly. By default, the report will wrap the titles on spaces, if there are any. So, rather than a title of Attended/Participated, put a space after the slash; Attended/ Participated. This will allow the title to wrap in a more readable manner.


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