How to Easily Schedule Students that Attend Your Classes

The scheduling process for students in your advisory is pretty self-explanatory.  But if you need to schedule students that attended your classes and you haven't set up a roster yet, you are likely working too hard!

Create A Roster
You can create a "roster" of students.  Basically, it's nothing more than a list of students that attend your classes.  Having created the roster, you can then choose to schedule those students, as opposed to the students that are in your advisory.

See It Done
There are two training videos we've created to explain the process. 

First, watch Working with Student Data in Enriching Students
Then, watch Scheduling Basics in Enriching Students

If you apply the techniques mentioned here, your scheduling experience will become MUCH better!


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    Daniel L. Graves

    I could not open the videos, so I still can not navigate Enriching Students. Could this information also be available in print form in Support?

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