What Can I Do Once My Account is Locked Out

Starting in the 2013-2014 school year, we have added a new security feature to Enriching Students. A user has three attempts to provide the correct credentials.  If they fail three times in a row, then their account is locked.

Why Does My Account Get Locked?

In essence, we are trying to train all Enriching Students users to be both security conscience as well as security self-sufficient.

Security conscience simply means that users understand the data stored in Enriching Students is somewhat sensitive and needs to be treated that way.  Thus, a user has three attempts to log on.  If they fail three times in a row, we assume that someone might be trying to hack the account and the account is locked.

But as we said, we also want users to be security self-sufficient.   In other words, you can take charge of getting your account unlocked.

How Do I Unlock My Account?

There are two approaches you can take.  Anyone who is an administrator in Enriching Students in your school can unlock your account.  When they unlock your account, you will receive an email with a new password.

However, you can simply request a new password yourself.  From the login page, simply click the Request New Password link.  On that page, enter your email address and click the button.  Within a minute or two, you will have a new password emailed to you.  Once you get the new password, log on to the site, and change your password to something more memorable.

Please be sure to give it a couple of minutes!!!  If you repeatedly ask for a new password, it's constantly getting reset.  If you request a password, and then immeadiately request another password the application will send you two different passwords.  If you try to use the first password, you could potentially lock yourself out again!


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