Updates for Oct 28, 2017

Here's what's being released in this update.


General Improvements

We've adjusted the scheduling page so that it pulls less data after appointments are saved.  This will help make the scheduling process faster.

Appointment requests can no longer be duplicated.  There was an issue that allowed students to make multiple requests for the same staffer/date/period.  In same cases, hundreds of requests were submitted.  This is no longer possible; if a student makes a request for a staffer on he same date and period, they are informed a request has already been made.

When a student requests a specific period (for schools that support multiple periods), the staffer had no way of knowing which period was being requested.  The requested period is now displayed in the email that is sent to the staffer.

Appointments can be cleared when taking attendance.  This is a feature that has been requested for some time now.  When taking attendance, there is a delete icon; clicking and confirming will clear the students schedule.

Removing an adjusted course will automatically clear any appointments associated with that course.

Students self-scheduling will no longer see the Schedule button for courses with 0 open seats.  Showing the button was causing some confusion.  The course is still displayed, with available seats being 0, but the schedule button is no longer displayed in that situation.

A fix was made to the email that is sent out regarding appointment requests.  The link back to the site was incorrect, this has been fixed.


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    Marianne Durand

    It would be nice to be able to attribute the content of an appointment to another coming day, in case the student is absent.

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