Updates for Sept 24, 2017

The following issues have been addressed with this release

Admin Pages

  • There is now a page that allows Administrators to schedule all students into their respective homerooms.  
    • This can be done for unscheduled students only or for all students, including those currently scheduled.
  • Admin's can adjust the ability for students to self-schedule based on the students graduation year.
  • Issue with manually importing grades has been fixed.

All Staff

  • Fixed a bug on Adjusted Courses page dealing with deleting a single period.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a series of blocked dates from being deleted.
  • Homeroom departments were not displaying, this bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug on scheduling page that prevented "Appointment is Locked" message from sometimes displaying.  
    • Appointments were locked correctly, but the message didn't always display.
  • User can now see which tag/roster represents their homeroom on the Manage Tags page.
    • This is useful, because as a staffer, you cannot add students to your homeroom tag.


  • My Week page now properly reflects blocked periods
  • My Week page now shows day name as well as date (Ex: 9/25/2017 - Monday)
  • On schedule page, students can now view the course description.



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