Importing Parent's Email Addresses

(This feature will be released on January 2, 2017)

Parent's email addresses can be stored in Enriching Students, along with the student.  This allows for Parents to be cc'd when a student is emailed their schedule.

This data can be edited directly in the application.  Additionally, it can be edited when importing a student file.

However, there are times when all that is being updated are the email addresses, the rest of the student data is left unchanged.  So instead of having to create a file that has all of the student data, it's possible to create a file that contains just the email addresses for the parents.

The file that is uploaded must be a CSV file.  The file headers must be:

StudentId: this is the student id from your Student Management System

ParentEmailAddress: this is the email address for the parent(s).

If you would like to store several email addresses; just ensure they are separated by a semi colon. For example:;  


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